Request Your Stampin’ Up! Catalog

Sure, you can shop online and click through pages of product pictures – but isn’t it more fun to look at a physical catalog?  Curl up with your favorite blanket or comfy clothes and get inspired by some great products and project ideas!

How do I get a copy of the catalog?

I offer free catalogs and you can get yours one of two ways:

1.  Place an order with me through my Online Store
In addition to following up promptly about your order, I’ll make sure you have a copy of the catalog if you need one and even send it priority mail to ensure you get it right away!

2.  Fill out the following form and I will send you a copy on a first come first serve basis
(so if I’m down to my last couple catalogs before I order a new box, they will go out to customers, then first come first serve to folks who have filled out this form)


If you have any questions or concerns – don’t hesitate to contact me at!

Happy reading!

Please leave a comment! I love hearing from you.

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