Like Digital Scrapbooking? Now is Your Chance to Win!

Have you had a chance to try digital scrapbooking and crafting yet? 
There have been different options out there for a while and last year Stampin’ Up! came out with their own option – My Digital Studio.  I hadn’t done much digital crafting but I loved the idea of “hybrid scrapbooking” where you create a page and them print it out and add more layers, buttons, ribbon, or whatever else you want.  So, I decided to give it a try and boy was it fun!

MDS Contest Scrapbook 2010

This was a layout I made for their contest last year – except I submitted it an hour too late last time.  Oops!

Now it’s your chance to win!

Well, they’ve announced a new My Digital Studio contest where 6 people will win $400 in My Digital Studio downloads and another 4 people will win $100 in My Digital Studio downloads!  You have until October 15th to submit your favorite scrapbook page and card to be eligible to win.

You can check out all the contest details here and if you want to see some more samples or learn more about My Digital Studio, there is a whole site filled with inspiration and information called

So, why try My Digital Studio?

If you haven’t tried digital crafting or My Digital Studio, I thought I’d share what I like about MDS.

  • So many project options!  Cards, scrapbook pages, photo books, multimedia presentations, calendars, journals, and even export your projects for use in things like web page designs, newsletters, business cards, and any other project you can imagine! (Its what i used for my blog design and gift certificates)
  • Digital Downloads can be used in TONS of software programs including Photoshop, Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office products, PaintShop Pro, Corel Draw, as well as My Digital Studio
  • Send to a professional printer straight from the program…PLUS the printer has been set up to perfectly match Stampin’ Up!’s color palatte.  So, if you are like me and like making hybrid pages, you know that your Old Olive ribbon at home will match the digital version of the Old Olive paper on your layout.
  • Get access to retired stamp images and paper patterns for a fraction of the price!  They keep bringing back some of our old favorites and so if you missed a stamp set, you can get a digital version of many of them.  Then print it out to use on your home projects or use it in your digital projects.
  • Digital downloads and professional print services count towards hostess benefits!!  So, if you are printing a bunch of photo calendars for gifts, you can get free digital or catalog products through the hostess rewards program!

There are a ton more reasons why I think it is cool, but I don’t want to get too long winded. :)  So, I’m going to work on getting my contest entries done early this year.  If you enter, let me know…I’d love to cheer for you too!

Click here to get My Digital Studio, digital downloads, and your favorite catalog products here!

Check Out These Adorable New Digital Downloads!

So, I don’t always post on my blog when Stampin’ Up! releases new digital content.  That was because I saw that they are constantly add new content and often it is a digital version of some physical stamp, paper, or embellishment available out of the main catalog.  I’ll post when there is something totally new (like when they added Journals and new styles of Calendars) but it wasn’t until last night that I realized that sometimes we get something totally new and completely exclusive to digital content!

Yesterday, Stampin’ Up! added some new digital stamps, papers, and digital kits.  I was checking them out when I saw the name “Sunset Serenade”.  Huh?  I hadn’t heard of that before.  Well, turns out it is super cute, digital only content!  Here is a sample of the paper in the digital kit that is now available:

view all of the paper patterns in the online store here

Plus, there is a matching digital stamp brush set:


I’m seriously in love with the paper!  I will probably have to download it so I can make projects with it, or just print out my own sheets of the paper to use in my physical projects.  What do you think of these new downloads? 

To see all the digital items added yesterday, click here for a PDF.

Want to see the catalog of all digital items? Check out the link in the right sidebar of my blog.  I keep that widget updated each month as they update the catalog with the latest content.

Let me know what you think of the recent digital downloads and MDS in general.  I’m curious if people are liking using My Digital Studio for your own projects.

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For All You Do Digital Card

I ordered My Digital Studio way back when it first came out; see, I was all excited about it after seeing what it could do at Convention and then they went and offered a special promotion for Convention attendees (got to love a deal!).  After I got it home, I found I’ve been using it more for non-traditional purposes like creating my blog header, gift certificates, my watermark for my photos, printing out stamp images for sets I don’t have so I can use them in my paper projects, etc.  Its actually pretty cool the fun things you can do with MDS.

Anyway, Stampin’ Up! did a design contest a little while back and I managed to miss the deadline by 15 minutes but still submitted anyway.  Of course I didn’t win, but I still really like some of the more traditional items I created for it.  And today I thought I’d share one of them.

For All You Do Digital Card

I was playing with opacity of cardstock and drop shadows to try to get the effect of having Vellum in my digital project.  I actually really like how this card turned out and think I may have to CASE it and make it into a physical card as well!

If you haven’t seen all the cool current and retired products that are now available in digital form, check out this catalog to see the many fun items you can play with in MDS or really any software that can accept an image file.  View the My Digital Studio Catty.

Have MDS questions?  Shoot me an email and I’ll get them answered!


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Yay! A My Digital Studio Digital Downloads Catalog!

I love that Stampin’ Up! has gotten into digital scrapbooking/crafting and that they are so committed to it that they are releasing new downloads pretty much every week.  The thing that hasn’t been so great is that you had to sift through old and new download images in the online store to try to see what all the downloads looked like.

Well no more! Yay! I’m so excited about this!

Ta Da!

My Digital Studio Catalog

Now there is a PDF catalog showing all the available downloads!

This is so much easier to browse through and see what everything looks like and what all is included in each download.  And because they are adding new downloads as often as weekly, each month they will be updating the catalog as well.  I’ve added a link to the catalog on the right side of my blog and I’ll be sure to keep updating that link as they refresh the catalog.  Or, you can check it out on

If you haven’t visited yet and you do digital crafting or are thinking of dabbling in digital crafting, you should totally check it out.  They have lots of tutorials and samples both from pros and everyday users like yourself!  It’s a great resource.

Then, once you’ve figured out which digital stamps, embellishments, and/or kits are perfect for your projects, then you can hop on over to the online store, purchase them, and download them on the spot!  Talk about instant gratification. Smile

So check out the catalog and I’d love to hear what your favorite downloads are!