Stampin’ Up! Convention 2013 Day 2–What a Day!!

ccOh my goodness!  Day 2 was a jam packed day and it was an incredible day for me personally.  I am still coming down off of my adrenaline rush and I’ll try to share as much as I can before I pass out. Smile

So Much News in General Session!

The morning started out with us getting to the convention hall a little over an hour before the general session was set to start.   Of course there was a big line of people already!  But we just sat down in our place in line, ate our breakfast box, and swapped with everyone around us.  I loved how no one was grumpy or pushy, everyone just settled in and enjoyed themselves.

2013-07-19 07.58.57

And look at one of the samples I saw today:

Six sided sampler thank you card

Cuuuute! Right?
(If you know the name of the demo who created this card, please let me know so I can give them credit, my cell camera just ate the picture of the back of this swap!)

So then general session started (see the snazzy stage – I finally got a good picture of it)

2013-07-19 08.35.32

There were lots, and lots, and lots of fantastic stamping demonstrations and ideas.  And yes, I’ll be posting more of those pictures soon too.  These late nights are killing me for getting all the photos reviewed and uploaded.

2013-07-19 09.27.242013-07-19 09.36.422013-07-19 09.45.57

oh, and did I mention, new product announcements?!

New Products are here and coming!

Besides some great ideas for new products that are coming out in the holiday catalog (if you haven’t gotten your copy yet and need one, let me know!) So we learned some cool ideas with a paper bow die, with new papers, stamps, and accessories.

But then the product announcements started coming…
(sorry, I can’t share pictures of the actual products that are coming soon per SU rules)

  • A new envelope scoring and punch board! It gives you dimensions to cut a sheet of paper into a square.  Then you line it up on the board to score the creases (with the included scoring tool) and has built in punches to punch out the notches in the side (so the flaps fold nicely) and a punch to round your corners.  It is super cool!
    Plus it has dimensions for 66 different sizes of envelopes! 
    – I hear it will be around $19.95 and come out maybe in September (but don’t hold me to that!)
  • New swing / flip flop card framelit template with awesome accent elements!
    So these are those cards that have an element built into the page that when you open the card, the element swings and flips over.  Ok, yeah, that doesn’t make sense…. but it is really cool.  And they are coming out with a framelit set so you don’t have to do the 11 steps it takes to make it by hand… you just cut with the framelit and you are done!  — I won one of these too!!! So watch for samples!
  • Undefined product line!  Make your own personal stamp… literally!

    I know it sounds hard and intimidating, but it is easier than it sounds! I even did it!
    So, this is a kit that comes with rubber, foam, wood blocks, a marker, postcards, and carving tools.  I thought it was going to be really hard, but after seeing some of the amazing designs people were creating this afternoon, I realized it had to be easier than I was giving it credit for.
    2013-07-19 15.08.26
    This is available TODAY and you can check out the details here.

You can even see what stamp I created that afternoon


Mini Classes, Display Boards, Rewards, & More

Whew, this is getting long, so I’ll try to be fast.  But the afternoon was still jam packed and we had lots of opportunity to check out the amazing inspiration boards, chat with other demonstrators, participate in stamping & learning mini classes, do make & take card projects, and see the new products.

I spent most of my time doing some stamping, relaxing, and making my own personal stamp!  But check out this cute bag we made in one of the classes!

Awards Night

Now every year, Stampin’ Up! holds an awards night.  It is a time to honor some amazing achievements of some wonderful demonstrators, laugh at the silly jokes, and hear what the upcoming incentive trips are.

2013-07-19 19.12.40

I’ll admit, I’ve never attended a full awards night, but last year I went to half of it and realized how inspiring it was for me to see just how successful some demonstrators can be.  Sure, I may not be selling $171,000 in sales in a year (that is how much the top US demonstrator sold!!) but if she can do that, I can grow my business and get a little bit closer.

So, we got in just as it started and cheered for the honorees.

We learned

  • that next year’s Getaway Vacation is to Washington DC (SUPER COOL!)
  • the Grand Vacation next year is an awesome trip to Hawaii!

I am grateful to have earned the getaway this year and will be headed to San Diego in September, but those trips next year seem pretty cool too!

I also was able to earn a couple awards this year, but nothing that caused me to have my name announced and for me to walk across the stage…..

that is until I was distracted by some work and suddenly I heard my name called!

I was announced as one of the top 100 demonstrators in the US and awarded a trip to the Founder’s Circle retreat in St. George, UT!


Wow!  I was crying as I went up on stage, was given a beautiful lei and handbag, got a hug from Stampin’ Up! founder Shelli Gardner, and walked across that stage!  Amazing!

I knew I worked hard this last year, but there are always so many ways you can do better and so I never expected to achieve this – but I’m so appreciative that I did.

[I’ll have to post pictures later as all the pictures were taken with other people’s cameras Smile)

After Party

Finally the night ended with a big party with an 80’s cover band, cupcakes, performers, games, and more prizes.

2013-07-19 21.14.042013-07-19 21.15.462013-07-19 21.11.41

It was an amazing day and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have it!  I’ve probably missed more stuff to share but I’ll try to catch up tomorrow if I did.

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It’s Stampin’ Up! Convention Time!!

I’ve been getting super excited over the last week as convention approached and I started getting exciting wondering what amazing ideas I’d see, what new products would be revealed, and have a chance to hang out and reconnect with some wonderful people.

As I do each year I’ll be posting live updates to my Facebook page (as long as my battery holds out each day) and I’ll give you the full scoop and pictures each night here on the blog.  So even if you can’t be here in person, you can still participate in the excitement and get a feel for it with me.

Travelling to Salt Lake City!

So, today was my traveling day and I was very lucky to have 4 members of my group plus a great stamping friend traveling with me from Seattle to Salt Lake City.  We hopped on our plane last night and were treated to the most amazing sunset as we came in to land in SLC.

salt lake city sunset

We got our bags and a shuttle and headed to our homebase for the weekend – the Radisson at the convention center.  Check out the cool wall art about the nice beds:

Convention 2013 Radisson hotel room

And while I should really be sleeping in that bed right now (since breakfast comes waaay to early in the morning), I thought I’d show you some of the other fun things I brought with me to kick things off. Smile

1.  My nametag & convention buttons!

My first year at convention, I saw people with their lanyards full of pins and buttons and I realized that many people collect their convention pins and acheivement pins on their lanyard and I set out to start collecting mine.  It’s taken me 5 years, but I love that it is getting more full.  I know… its silly, but sometimes the little things make it more fun!

convention 2013 name tag and lanyard

Plus with 6,000 demos in attendance, they are checking badges this year and so I got to make it fun to look at!

2.  Swaps!!

What would a Stampin’ Up! event be without swaps?  I started out with making a ton of this Flower/Doily card… it was fun and easy to make a bunch.  But when I was done, I had made 76 cards and I decided a few days ago that a few more wouldn’t hurt and so I made the Christmas cards as well.

Flower Shop Doily Card

stampin up convention 2013 flower shop swap

I used the new Flower Shop bundle to create the cute flowers and then just accented with one of the Whisper White doilies.

I decided I needed a few more swaps and I thought of this fun way to use the new Christmas Collectibles stamp set.
(psst – sneak peek alert!  New holiday catalog goodies including the new stamp set, punch, and embossing folder.)

Christmas Collectibles Ornament Card

stampin up convention 2013 christmas swap card


3.  Fun n’ Crafty group gifts!

And finally, I put together a little Convention Survival Kit for everyone in my group since it was the first convention for many of them.  Some people have the tradition of downline gifts and roommate gifts… I just was excited to have so many downline and friends going with me I wanted to put a little something together for them.

Stampin up convention 2013 survival kit

  • I figured a few emergency snacks and mints would be nice.
  • Wet wipes for cleaning up after snacks or when you are stamping during make & takes and need a little extra clean up power.
  • Some tissue, because there is always some touching story or presentation that gets the whole room crying!
  • Chapstick – I swear, I always forget this and buy a new stick every year when I am here!
  • Band-aids were supposed to be in the bag, especially for when you are walking all day and your shoes start rubbing
  • …and of course a cute bag they can reuse each day to easily find their essentials.

Today they get their handmade gift from me… but I’ll save that surprise for my next blog post!  Ooh, I can’t wait to give everyone theirs!

So, today will be a day full of Stampin’ Up! home office tours, swapping, opening session, and a big party afterwards!  I’ll post as I go on my Facebook page and then back here later for the full report.

I’m so excited!

Now for a few hours sleep while I can….7:15am comes too early!

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Convention 2012 Here I Come!


Alright, I’m going to warn you right now that today’s post is going to be a total photo bomb!  Some folks have asked where I get my ideas or have said I am so excited about what I do – so I wanted to share with you where some of that comes from and how you can get in on it too!

The annual Stampin’ Up! convention!

I was so excited when registration for the Stampin’ Up! convention 2012 opened up earlier this week that I registered in the first 15 minutes!  This will be my 4th convention in a row and my 2nd where I’ll have a baby with me.  I get so many ideas, learn so much, and have a ton of fun that I can’t imagine not going each year.

If you can see yourself getting excited about a sneak peek announcement with 3,000 of your stamping friends…

If you LOVE seeing the most A-MAZING project ideas with things you probably have in your home already…

If you want new ideas for how to share your love of crafting with others…

This is the place to be. 🙂  Here are some photos from my trip last year so you can see what I mean.

If you are interested in learning more about coming, shoot me an email and I’d love to give you the full scoop!  Already registered?  Leave me a comment, I’d love to see who all my stamping buddies are that are coming with me to Salt Lake!


image image
Free prizes! (Including products before you can buy them!) Swapping! I get so many amazing ideas each year from fellow demos
image image
Business and Stamping Tips from Stampin’ Up! and other successful demonstrators Achievement walks! That is me in the purple. 🙂 I got to walk across the stage for growing my team.


If that wasn’t enough, here are even more awesome snapshots from my time in Utah: Keep reading to see lots more Convention Photos!

First Day of the Stampin’ Up! Convention 2011

My word!  Its been a whirlwind of a week starting with me desperately trying to get swaps made and everything packed and ready to go for convention this year.  But I made it and flew into Salt Lake City on Tuesday in anticipation of a great week…and I haven’t been disappointed! 

Today was the first day of convention and boy was it a doozy!  Lots of sneak peeks of upcoming products, freebies, amazing ideas, and fab projects.  I’ve been posting pictures on my facebook page when I could so if you want to see a few more pictures, check it out.  But I couldn’t take pictures of a lot of the details I learned so I wanted to share a few pictures and more details!  Enjoy!

Ok, can I have a personal toot for a minute? :)  Each year they invite people who met certain milestones or achievements to walk across the stage.  I am still working towards that, but this year they added 2 more marches – first time attendees and anyone who recruited in the last year.  Well, Bethani, my downline, got to walk for first time attendee and I got to walk for recruiting!  Yay!


Next we had a HUGE sneak peek at the upcoming Holiday Mini that launches in September.  No joke, I am in so much trouble with how much I want out of it.  There are new ribbons (can you say velvet and quilted satin?), new punches including a stocking punch that has a matching stamp set!!, fun holiday dies and embellishments (like mini jingle bells that I have no idea what I’m going to do with yet but I have to get), more adorable fabric (I’m just saying check out my next picture), of course new papers and stamps, and a ton more.  Then they showed us this bag that we could buy in Memento Mall that looks like this:


Know what it’s for?  AAAAHHHHH!  I’m so excited!!!  It’s made to fit the new Simply Scored tool!  That’s right, a super awesome scoring tool.  It takes the best features of what’s out there and adds some, like besides giving you lines every 1/8”, you get a metal tipped ergo stylus, multiple plastic arrows to mark which score lines you are using for a given project, a storage compartment, multiple ruled edges, etc.  I’m so stoked!

Ok, moving on.  At lunch, I had another amazing experience where when we entered the Gathering Place to get our lunches, we got picked for a You Crew experience.  You Crew is their name for randomly selecting people to have one of a variety of one of a kind experiences and in our case, we got a special table with glasses, plates, lemonade, a staffer who made sure we were well taken care of.  Pretty fun!

IMG_2695  At the end of lunch, we saw that they had put out a special dessert.  Cookies…but not just any cookies, check out the designs:


Yeah, yeah you say, they have designs.  But these are special designs.  They are Stampin’ Up! cookie stamp designs!  Yes, as in a stamp that can make different impressed images on cookie dough.  How fun is that.  Oh, and the shortbread recipe that comes with it, if it is the same one they used for these cookies, is pretty darn yummy.  🙂

Finally we finished our day with make & takes, which I still need to finish so I can share with you, and one more session where we saw some great ideas for quick, easy, and inexpensive projects.  Like did you know you can get a package of quick accent stickers, 2 packages of notecards, and make 40 cards in no time flat?  And they are simple and cute too. 

I know I don’t have many project sample pictures today, but don’t worry.  I’ll have more of the projects and products I can photograph and share posting over the next few days.  And don’t forget to stop by my facebook page to see more photos and updates when I can.

Click here to shop online 24/7 and start earning your NW Stamper rewards!

My new Facebook page – SU display boards and a Fan Special deal

While I work on writing up blog posts for some projects I’ve done recently, I wanted to share my recent labor of love – a new Facebook page.  I’ve set up a page on facebook at a place to share pictures, promotions, and make it easy for others to share their projects as well.  I’d love for you to check it out.  Right now it has a couple photos posted that will be making their way onto the blog soon but you can get an early look by visiting my Facebook page.   I’ve also posted photos of more convention display boards on the page as well.

While you are there, become a fan to be eligible for special deals and get samples and information as it comes out.  Once I have 25 fans, I can make the web address for this page much easier to find; so I’d love it if you were willing to be my fan. 

Visit me on Facebook!

Facebook Fan Special

To thank folks for helping me get to 25+ fans, I’m offering a special from now until 8/19.  I’m offering this special to anyone who has become a fan of my facebook page.  Simply place an order of $25 or more and receive the new Antique Brads FREE!  That’s a $5.95 value for free just for becoming a fan.  For example, love the vintage look – try the new Crochet Trim ribbon and the Distressing Kit and get Antique Brads FREE!  Thats a $33 value for $27.  Email me to take advantage of this special offer!

Crochet Trim

Distressing Essentials Kit

Free Antique Brads


See a sample using some of these items in this post –

Stampin’ Up! Convention 2010 – Swaps, Shelli, and my new goal

I really do have way too many pictures to share from convention, but I wanted to share a few more with you.

On the last day, mom and I were able to meet the celebrity of the hour – Shelli Gardner, co-founder and CEO of Stampin’ Up!  I hadn’t realized that she had been spending almost all of the lunch break for 3 days sitting and taking pictures with one demonstrator after another.  Of course she was very sweet and was happy to chat with everyone who met her.IMG_4286 

Like I said before, convention is not only a time for fun, friends, and fabulous ideas, but it is also a motivational time for me.  IMG_4172With a new baby and moving earlier this year, I’ve been slow to get moving on getting my Stampin’ Up! business rolling.  However, with the enthusiasm of convention and the announcement of a new awesome incentive trip – I’ve decided my goal is to work towards Disneyworld 2012.  That means I’ll be working on scheduling workshops and building my team over the next year.  Its an exciting time for me and I’d love to share that excitement with you.

Oh, and I have to give a shout out to my dad as well.  He came along to Salt Lake City and ended up helping carry our Memento Mall haul and babysitting Nicholas for my make and take sessions.  Thanks Dad!  You’re the best!IMG_0863

Finally, as promised, here are some of the amazing swaps I got while at convention.  I can’t wait to try them out myself now that I’m home.

card by Sharlene Mitchell                             card by Teresa Payne-Neal

card by Laura Tollander                                card by Kathy Thisted

card by Janine Verster

Stampin’ Up Convention 2010 – Display boards and more

I just finished going through all my pictures from convention and was reminded of all the fun looking things to try and make over the next few months.  There are always so many amazing ideas, business tips, and sneak peeks (you might even spot one or two in the photos below ;)) .  I can’t wait to share some of these projects in upcoming classes and workshops.  Want to try it out yourself? Contact me to learn more about scheduling your own workshop!

IMG_1010We were up early each day to get over for general session.  I was so grateful that Stampin’ Up! supports families and so I could take Nicholas with me to session.  They even offered a Mother’s Lounge so moms could feed/diaper their babies and still see and hear the speaker.



We saw lots of awesome demonstrations.  I think my favorite was the Halloween decorations…but then again there were some awesome hostess gift ideas that were super cute as well.


Then during lunch and at the end of the day, we got to wander around The Gathering Place and look at some awesome displays and ideas boards.  This year they had an area called The Sweet Shop where they had so many amazing displays that looked like candy and other treats but was really made entirely from paper, ribbon, and buttons!  Stampin’ Up! really has some amazing artists and designers.


IMG_0968 IMG_4258