Nifty file organizer for storing your greeting cards

So after 2 days of heavy drugs and lots of sleeping, I’m feeling much better. I tried crafting over the last couple days but only managed to sit upright for about 10 minutes before getting dizzy. I made some progress and was able to finish up a couple projects this afternoon and now put the up on the blog!

photo_folioFirst up, I wanted to finish the greeting card holder my mom showed me.  I’m sure there is a proper name for it but I’m totally blanking.  Anyway, with one 12×12 sheet of cardstock you can cut and fold your way into a totally cute holder for the cards you have bought/made.  I’ve now decided that I have to make one for each type of card I make (get well, thank you, birthday, christmas, etc) so I can quickly and easily organize my cards.  The only problem is that I didn’t write down the dimensions, so I’ll figure them out and then post them later.  Anyway, here is version 1 that I made and labeled for Birthday cards.  It holds 20ish cards depending on how much you embellish your cards.photo_folio_side

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